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This page contains links to external sites that should be helpful to anyone thinking about undertaking animal health or food-related systematic review (SR) or interested in reporting guidelines such as REFLECT and ARRIVE guidelines.

Reporting of guidelines for animal studies

There are several reporting guidelines relevant to animal studies. Here we list the most common ones. If you have prepared guidelines and would like us to list them – email us with the citation information and a link to the file. ([email protected])

Systematic Review Resources

Tools for Critically Appraising Systematic Reviews

There are several tools for appraising systematic reviews- these may be helpful in deciding if a review addressed your needs.

Flock of Chickens and Roosters Grazing on the Farm

Protocol Template Checklist

Click here For a copy of the most recent published article on the PRISMA statement, including a copy of the PRISMA checklist for use in the development of a protocol.

Searching for Information

The InterTASC Information Specialists’ Sub-Group Search Filter Resource provides more general information about search filters, as well as filters for particular study designs such as observational studies and randomized trials (although these have not been validated for animal studies).

The site also contains information specifically about filters for animal studies.

Database of Systematic Reviews

This is a wonderful resource put together by the EBVM group at Nottingham and is very useful for finding reviews (and also preventing duplication of reviews).



Close up from a brown horse and dog on a summer season

Animal Health and Food Resources


The digital repository for all the proceedings from the SafePork conference, otherwise known as the International Symposium on the Epidemiology and Control of Food-borne Pathogens in Pork. Funds for this projects were provided by Dr. James McKean.